9 Best Eco-Friendly & Organic Bean Bag Chairs

Looking for a comfortable seating arrangement but don't have enough space for a sectional or sofa? These organic and eco-friendly bean bag chairs can help turn that awkward space into a warm and cozy little den!
organic bean bag chair

Need an extra seat in your living room? Check out these budget-friendly, organic bean bag chairs! Whether you need to energize a bedroom or add a seat to your living room, organic bean bags are some of the best budget-friendly solutions out there.

Our list of best eco-friendly and organic bean bags features top-of-the-line models that turn bland rooms into sophisticated, lively spaces for the whole family! These cozy seating companions can create a fun, lively, and restful space out of any room in a home.

The Best Eco-Friendly & Organic Bean Bag Chairs

While bean bag chairs are great in their own rite, you can rest more assured knowing you are lounging in a toxic-free, environmentally-friendly design. The bean bag chairs and loungers listed here aren’t mere seating companions—they are natural, safe, and have little to zero carbon footprints. Without furder ado, here’s the list!

Big Joe Imperial Bean Bag Sofa

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The Imperial Bean Bag Sofa is a relaxing furniture piece ideal for couples, kids, and friends.

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The Imperial Lounger by Big Joe brings softness, support, solidity, and comfort for couples or last-minute guests. There’s nothing better than snuggling with your significant other in one of these eco-friendly bean bag chairs during cold nights since its suede cover keeps both of you warm. Grab a snack and a blanket, and get ready to weather the winter in complete comfort!

Majestic Home Large Bean Bag Chair

wales large bean bag chair sodafine
This organic bean bag chair is lightweight and can be moved around with minimum effort.

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The Majestic Home Goods Bean Bag Chair is a must-have for kid’s bedrooms and playrooms. The smaller version allows them to relax while they watch their favorite shows on their tablet or beat the latest console games. The removable zippered slipcover is also easy to clean, in case they spill a drink during their gaming sessions.

If you’re looking to buy a gaming bean bag for your living room, we recommend going for a large-size model with its eco-friendly polystyrene beads filling. It’s super comfortable and it keeps your back supported at all times.

Bean Products Family Bean Bag

bean products cotton filled certipur
This organic bean bag chair with natural bean bag filling is one of the most comfortable loveseats you can find.

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The ComfyBean Family Bean Bag is one of the most popular eco-friendly bean bag chairs for this year. Its size makes it great for family game nights, and thanks to its natural bean bag filling, it’s super easy to move from one room to another.

Kids love it, but it’s also large enough to fit two large adults looking to relax by the fireplace or snug together for a nap. Plus, this comfy bean bag chair is versatile enough to replace any old and dusty loveseats that outlived their use.

The Ocean & Midnight Organic Bean Bag

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The Big Bean Bag Company offers a wide range of eco-friendly bean bag options to add comfortable furnishings at home.

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The Ocean & Midnight Bean Bag is the perfect way to make a statement in your home with minimal impact on the environment. The Big Bean Bag Company is a pioneer of natural bean bag fillings made from composite plant polymers, which are more responsive to your body’s shape than synthetic bean bag fillings. This comfy bean bag chair also has a distinctive modern design that offers stellar back and limb support.

I Love Linen Lounge Room Bean Bag Chair

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Make this bean bag part of your living room for a fresh modern look.

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This comfy bean bag chair is the perfect rest pad for weary muscles and joints. The Linen Doux Bean Bag is a form-adapting furniture piece that dynamically adapts to your body and pressure points.

The bean bag’s quilt and natural bean bag filling support your whole body’s length, keeping you cozy and relaxed at all times. Additionally, its hypoallergenic linen fabric keeps dust mite and pet dander at bay 24/7.

FunkyBeans Boutique Bean Bag Chair

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This nicely shaped lounger is sure to brighten up any room’s decor.

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The FunkyBeans Relaxation Bean Bag is perfect for long gaming sessions, movie nights, and browsing social media on your tablet or phone. The key to this weight-responsive organic bean bag lies in its reinforced edges, which provide top-notch back support. This comfy bean bag chair’s shape makes it very popular among pregnant women and people with back issues. Plus, from an Interior design perspective, it serves as a room-decorating item that will instantly energize any room with positive vibes.

The Eco Choices Cotton Bean Bag Chair

organic bean bag chair 1
Eco Choices Bean Bag provides a stable, comfortable seat that helps you relax after a hard day’s work.

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Eco choices’ 100% cotton sack comes with natural latex and a fully organic bean bag filling that minimizes sinkage. The bean bag’s ergonomic design makes it an ideal addition to any living room or entertainment room. If you order this comfy bean bag chair from their website, you can add embroidery designs that help your bean bag match your room’s decorative theme.

Faux Fur Classic Bean Bag

organic bean bag chair 7
This eco-friendly bean bag chair creates a cozy nook to rest and relax.

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Wayfair brings us an organic bean bag chair with the power to energize a room with a much-needed decorative accent and a spare seat. The Faux Fur by Three Posts Teens is one of the few cruelty-free bean bag options in the market, making it an ideal choice for environmentally-conscious households. Make sure you order our recommended natural bean bag filling when ordering this model in any of its three color options: dark brown, tannery, and new black.

Life! Navy Blue Linen Bean Bag

organic bean bag chair 9
Take a break or relax for a few hours in this soft organic bean bag chair.

Life’s Linen Bean Bag is the ultimate floor bed for a home office or art studio. If you spend lots of time working in front of a computer at home, this bean bag chair can serve as the perfect escape. You can fall into its linen cover, add a small pillow or a blanket, and be comfortably snug at any time.

Organic bean bags are generally pricier than their non-eco-friendly alternatives, but Life! features this model on their website at a bargain price, so be sure to consider it when comparing organic bean bag options!

Don’t Forget the Fillers

bean products recycled polystyrene filler
This bean bag replacement filler by Bean Products is recycled polystyrene with a reduced environmental impact.

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Having a natural and organic bean bag cover is one thing, but what happens when it’s time to refill? The recycled eco-friendly polystyrene filler by Bean Products can help assure that the inside of your bean bag lounger is as environmentally friendly as the outside!

While many organic and natural filler products claim to be the best option they fail to discuss the many downsides. Fillers like rice, wool, sawdust, and even cedar shavings all run the risk of harboring infectious and possibly harmful parasites. Beans are one of the most resilient natural alternative fillers we’ve seen but, compared to polystyrene, they are quite expensive. 

About Our Choices

When it comes to organic bean bag chairs, we want to make sure that we’re buying quality, budget-conscious products that help the environment and our backs. Here’s what we prioritized for our list:

Comfy: organic bean bag chairs must be, above all, super comfortable. We narrowed our list and included models with an ergonomic design and filling that actively protects our bodies.

Eco-friendly: organic bean bag chairs are environmentally conscious products that help us preserve the environment. We decided to feature models that allowed you to fill their bags with organic fillings or included some form of eco-friendly filling when purchased.

Affordable: bean bags are, essentially, cost-efficient products that allow you to seat friends, family, and last-minute guests with ease. Each of these organic bean bags is built to last and come with an affordable price tag.

Easy to clean: bean bags are constantly on the ground and may sometimes accumulate pet dander as well as accidental drinks and food spillage. That’s why we’ve recommended products you can easily clean with a simple cloth and some scrubbing.


Organic bean bags are space-saving, super fun furniture that seamlessly fits into modern, contemporary, and even chic apartments. They’re not only versatile, fun, and stylish: many believe it helps them ease joint and muscle pain since its filling dynamically adapts to your body’s shape and position at any given time.

By integrating these fun little pieces of furniture into your life, you’re also helping us fight our generation’s most important battle: the fight against global warming. With so many benefits and virtually no downside, it’s no wonder organic bean bags are becoming such a trend this year!

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