16 Coffee Tables that Top Interior Designers Use

Get ready to dramatically overhaul your living room with the best coffee tables for this year!
best coffee tables

All the top interior designers agree: the best coffee tables must offer more than convenience. For a coffee table to truly become a part of living spaces, they also need to offer aesthetic coherence to your living spaces. For that, one needs to seek a higher caliber of design.

Your coffee table is your living room’s centerpiece—it’s in charge of dictating your space’s theme and aesthetic presence. Choosing a coffee table that resonates with you, your interior style, and your lifestyle is a fundamental and often daunting decision.

The Best Coffee Tables

We’ve looked at more than 2,000 coffee tables and hand-picked the best of the best for you. We considered style, convenience, features, input from top interior designers, and customer reviews to create a list of remarkable coffee tables from the best furniture brands on the market today.

Whether you’re looking for a rectangular coffee table for narrow spaces or oval-shaped coffee tables for high traffic areas—there’re all here. Below you’ll find a collection of the best coffee tables guaranteed to turn your living room into a memorable space for all your guests and relatives.

The Best Minimalist Coffee Table

This high gloss coffee table features a sleek design that elevates your living room’s aesthetics.

The best minimalist coffee tables convey calm and harmony by featuring clean designs where functionality and beauty go hand in hand. These understated yet elegant pieces help you keep your living room clutter-free through a “less is more” approach.

This year, the Akrati minimalist coffee table holds the top spot because it offers maximum convenience through a multi-platform design. You can organize decorative pieces, drinks, and living room essentials within its overlapping surfaces to keep your living room clean and uncluttered.

The Akrati also doubles as an artistic centerpiece that adds sophistication to minimalist households. The glossy, ghost-white finish also suits minimalist color palettes and graciously reflects natural light.

Size: 12” H x 35” L x 35” W

The Best Cooler Coffee Table

The Sobro smart coffee table shows us the future of the furniture industry.

The Sobro cooler coffee table has reinvented the traditional living room centerpiece, into a high-powered, super convenient activity hub. This cooler coffee table has a built-in refrigerator, media hub, and a powerful speaker system that takes any living room experience to the next level.

Life today can be stressful, and the Sobro cooler coffee table is one of those rare devices that genuinely makes life that much easier. You can sit back on your couch after a long day of work, plug in your device and let your favorite tunes fill your ears while you grab a cold beverage without ever leaving your seat.

This smart coffee table is also a must-have addition for anyone wishing to host their friends over for Superbowl or an exciting box match for the title. The internal compressor keeps food and beverage perfectly chilled at optimal temperatures, allowing you and your friends to sit back and enjoy the show with zero interruptions.

The tempered glass top makes it a sturdy piece capable of holding your drinks and dishes without a care in the world, allowing it to keep up with rowdy guests and any accidental spillage. Plus, the Sobro cooler coffee table looks great! It’s elegant and futuristic all at once, making it an aesthetically beautiful addition to your living room.

The Everly Quinn Unique Coffee Table

This unique coffee table comes with a revolutionary Z-shaped design.

A unique coffee table is guaranteed to impress your guests and help you break the ice while hosting strangers at your place. The Tuan unique coffee table does exactly that.

The Tuan resembles an art gallery stand and instantly created a focal point in any living room it populates, thanks to its mirrored surface. Mirrored surfaces are excellent coffee table plant hosts because the delicate greenery adds life and color to an otherwise sterile environment.

This unique coffee table is not only stylish: it also comes with a sturdy metal base and an incredible price tag. The Tuan is one of those hidden gems that elevate your living room to aesthetic nirvana without breaking the bank.

The Best Extendable Coffee Table

The West Elm extendable coffee table adds mid-century flair to your living room.

This West Elm piece is the best extendable coffee table out there. It features a stylish mix of organic and synthetic materials to recreate a uniquely elegant mid-century look.

The eucalyptus wood top is paired with a polished marble slab to provide a cocktail table area next to your flat wooden surface. You can lift the flat eucalyptus wood top to create an additional work surface, which you can easily adjust to an optimal height, allowing you to comfortably dine or work from the comfort of your own couch.

Notice how this extendable coffee table also comes with a hidden storage space for your books, remotes, or everyday essentials you’d rather keep hidden away from prying eyes!

The Best Natural Wood Coffee Table

Natural wood coffee tables add rustic sophistication to any living room.

Natural wood coffee tables are classic, organic furniture pieces with a timeless appeal. These pieces highlight the wood’s unique natural grain, exotic patterns, and vibrant colors that welcome the outdoors into your living room.

The Stylecraft coffee table is a perfect example of how skilled artisans turn a piece of teakwood into a rustic modern coffee table. Thanks to its low center of gravity, this natural wood coffee table also serves as a perfectly balanced platform that lets you rest living room essentials and heavy decorative pieces on its surface. Due to its mountainside dwellings charm and flawless construction, it’s the best natural wood coffee table for this year.

Size: 17” H x 40” L x 28” W

The Best Modern Coffee Table

The Convertible Joss & main Coffee Table gives welcoming appeal to any modern living room.

Modern coffee tables are known for perfectly balancing functionality and beauty in their appealing designs. This gorgeous piece features clean lines, organic base materials, and clever storage solutions that allow you to make the most out of your living room space.

The Joss & Main expandable coffee table is the perfect example of the latter. Its central structure features two lateral compartments that reveal the coffee table’s spacious inner compartment. This wooden centerpiece’s discrete and elegant design makes it the ideal addition for small and large modern living rooms alike.

Size: 12.6” H x 79.1” L x 27.6” W

The Best Black Coffee Table

The Truxton coffee table features a beautiful dark brown finish with deep red undertones.

Black coffee tables serve as sophisticated focal points for predominantly bright living rooms. These centerpieces play a vital role in delivering elegant contrasts alongside neutral-colored sofa sets and ceramic decorations.

The Truxton black coffee table showcases a slice of exotic teak coated in natural wax, providing an elegant surface with red undertones where glass decor sets and coffee table plants can rest. The piece itself embodies rustic elegance, featuring hard edges and a smooth polished surface that is guaranteed to catch your guests’ eyes. It’s, by far, the best black coffee table for contemporary living rooms, according to many top interior designers.

Size: 35.5″W x 31″D x 16″H

The Best Luxury Coffee Table

This luxurious coffee table is a one-of-a-kind furnishing designed for eclectic living rooms.

The best luxury coffee tables are the perfect centerpieces for sophisticated living rooms filled with rich textiles, ornate forms, and bold patterns. These furniture pieces often add artistic value through their high-shine lacquered finishes and detailed structures.

This luxurious epoxy river coffee table is a high-end furnishing made of walnut planks and black resin. The table is carefully crafted to showcase a blend of energizing patterns that mimic a river’s flow through the natural landscape. Furthermore, this beautiful centerpiece is perfect for eclectic living rooms filled with exotic decorations and imposing sofa sets.

Size: 17.7” H x 42.5” L x 42.5” W

The Best Modular Coffee Table

Modular coffee tables perfectly fit modern and minimalist living rooms thanks to their elegant aesthetic.

Modular coffee tables are bespoke modernistic pieces, often referred to as coffee table cubes. They’re one of the biggest trends in the furniture industry because of how versatile they are. You can quickly rearrange these pieces to fit into reduced or large spaces if needed.

The Byron bunching table set is the best modular coffee table this year. It serves as a highly adaptable, multi-piece coffee set that requires minimal assembly and tons of convenience. You can arrange the set as a large coffee table, individual side tables in front of your sofa, or stylish lateral end tables for your guests in a matter of minutes.

These coffee table cubes use a kiln-dried, solid poplar: a lightweight material that looks like a polished concrete surface. This rustic yet modern aesthetic perfectly matches neutral-colored seating and beautifully highlights your coffee table plant decor.

Size: 17” H x 22” L x 22” W

The Best Stone Top Coffee Table

The Mobital square coffee table features a beautiful marble top available in Emperador Dark Brown.

Stone top coffee tables stand as luxurious and functional centerpieces since ancient times. These sophisticated pieces exhibit intricate patterns across their carefully polished surfaces and are must-have pieces in high-end homes.

We believe that The Mobital Emperador is the best stone-top coffee table for this year due to its luxurious and rare Dark Emperador marble surface. Dark Emperador marble takes you back to the romantic scenery of baroque-style Italian villas and projects glamour and refined taste like no other. Their alluring, patterned surface is ideal for traditional and modern living rooms but can seamlessly adapt to almost any interior design style.

Size: 39″W x 39″L x 14″H

The Best Large Coffee Table

This large coffee table comes with a super creative design that dazzled interior designers this year.

Spacious living rooms are great to experiment with bold color palettes, patterned rugs, and exciting centerpieces that synergize with light fixtures. The Annessia Coffee Table is one of those large coffee tables that make the most out of ample living rooms by doubling as a glamorous dining area thanks to its lofty geometry and metallic surface.

This large contemporary coffee table encases a rectangular trunk within a luxurious midcentury aircraft silver plate. This gorgeous piece doubles as a large cocktail table that conveniently conceals gadgets, blankets, and essentials underneath an aircraft’s aluminum fuselage.

Size: 19” H x 52” L x 31” W

The Best Colorful Coffee Table

Colorful coffee tables can instantly energize bland rooms!

Never underestimate color psychology! Interior designers plan their color palettes to stimulate physical and psychological responses in their carefully decorated living spaces.

Interior designers use color palettes to their full advantage by stimulating physical and psychological responses in homeowners through carefully decorated living environments. Bright, warm colors will charge your living room with a joyful, lighthearted vibe, while cooler shades of green and blue will promote calmness and creativity.

The Aigne Colorful Coffee table falls in the first category, as its base bright pink color channels an energetic, cheerful vibe throughout the living room. Pink represents compassion, nurturing, and love, and this contemporary pink coffee table blends the glossy finish of its chromed metal structure with the sensitive appeal of pastel colors.

Size: 15” H x 30” L x 30” W

The Best High Tech Coffee Table

Turn your traditional living room furniture into a next-generation entertainment hub!

The Mozayo is, by far, the best high-tech coffee table for this year. It delivers all the benefits a regular coffee table does but adds endless convenience and entertainment opportunities to your living room.

This high tech coffee table features a 46″ multi-touch platform embedded in its tabletop with a progressive leg design that adds futuristic flair to your living room. The ultra-modern, multi-user touch table comes with an impressive Intel Quad Core i5 processor, a powerful Nvidia GeForce graphics card, and 8 GB of DDR3 RAM to turn your living room centerpiece into a next-generation entertainment hub.

You can plug your devices into this high tech coffee table and host Saturday night karaoke nights with your friends or use it as a convenient and highly interactive work or studying tool. With the Mozayo high-tech coffee table, the sky is the limit!

The Best Retro Coffee Tables

Retro coffee tables are making a comeback as stylish centerpieces for any living room.

Retro coffee tables showcase simple designs with clean lines and a classic feel. These furniture pieces provide a ’60s-inspired ambiance in your home by celebrating round shapes and merging artificial and organic materials in their designs.

This year, the Campanelli is the best retro coffee table due to its gorgeous waterdrop-shaped tabletop and modern mid-century flair. You can rest drinks, appetizers, and your remote in its low-profile, smooth surface as you enjoy music, dim lights, and casual nightcaps with your significant other. This retro coffee table perfectly fits into reduced chic living rooms or entertainment rooms needing a trusty and durable table.

Size: 15” H x 47.00” L x 23” W

The Best Coffee Table with Wheels

The Bjorn squared coffee table with wheels adds rustic flair to any room.

The Bjorn is, by far, the best coffee table with wheels available this year. This rustic piece comes with a weathered finish and metallic accents that perfectly fit traditional farmhouse living rooms. The Bjorn is sturdy, highly mobile, and can also help you reduce clutter in reduced spaces.

You can quickly move this squared coffee table with wheels to your favorite chair across the room, or you can roll it closer to your sofa if you feel like dining on its smooth MDF surface.

Additionally, the Bjorn adds an extra layer of convenience by offering two square barn-style cabinet doors that allow you to store books, remotes, or blankets for those chilly movie nights.

The Best Arcade Coffee Table

When it comes to retro entertainment and style, few pieces measure up to arcade coffee tables.

The Galaxy is, by far, the best arcade coffee table this year. This gorgeous piece comes with a toughened glass top, an opaque black finish, and a futuristic build that perfectly fits into contemporary living rooms, entertainment rooms, and high-end mancaves.

The Galaxy features over 2,500 arcade games for your retro gaming nights, as well as two old-school controllers to relive the joys of the past. The controls include two intuitive joysticks and two complete sets of backlit fire buttons so you can mash your buttons and nail those combo moves like an arcade veteran.

Plus, all of its components, including its large LCD screen, come with a 12-month warranty for home users, ensuring that you get thousands of hours of entertainment out of this magnificent arcade coffee table.


Putting together this list of the best coffee tables has been a massive challenge that we’ve tackled with love and consideration. Our master list of the best coffee tables for this year pleases all interior design choices and themes. It also includes tried and true designs, as well as clever and unexpected pieces that have surprised interior designers worldwide.

Regardless of your choice, you can rest assured that you’ve picked a top-notch piece from the best online furniture stores this year. Each model is stylish, durable, and includes reliable warranties and features that will positively change your life starting today!

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