6 Cozy Bedtime Stories for Adults That Need To De-stress

Have trouble sleeping? Relax into a deep, recuperative sleep with the best bedtime stories for adults!
Bedtime Stories for Adults

Did you know that the best bedtime stories for adults can reduce stress levels by up to 68%?

Reading is a well-studied (and incredibly powerful) de-stressor that can change your life and sleeping habits in record time, with minimal effort.

Many of today’s most successful CEOs keep funny bedtime stories for adults near their nightstands to calm the mind and improve their cognitive functions. Reading before bed is an underrated life hack that allows these success-driven individuals to get quality sleep even after the most stressful days.

The Best Bedtime Stories for Adults

The best bedtime stories for adults have to be engaging but not overstimulating. It must be interesting enough to immerse yourself in its story, but it can’t keep you on the edge of your seat or evoke negative feelings such as anxiety.

We’re looking for stories that can ease you into a deep state of relaxation, even if your mind is racing or your body is wracked by stress and anxiety. These short bedtime stories for adults need to break that negative cycle and invite you into an alternate reality, away from your earthly worries and concerns.

Today, we’ve taken a deep dive into the literary world to find those bedtime stories for stressed out adults, and even a few funny bedtime stories for adults that need to end the day on a high note.

Without further ado, here are our top picks for this year!

Bedtime Stories for Adults

Bedtime Stories for Adults 1
Kathryn’s book guides your mind on a detour to a calm and comfy place.

If you often struggle to sleep or deal with anxiety in bed, then Kathryn’s bedtime stories for adults are precisely what you need. Kathryn Nicolai is a yoga and meditation teacher that understands the value of calming the mind and your senses before even thinking about sleeping. Her fantastic storytelling gently stops your mind from racing through the same thoughts you’ve been chasing all day and eases it into a place of deep comfort.

The bedtime stories for adults in Nothing Much Happens are a collection of rich sensory experiences that teach you mindfulness and self-compassion in a highly creative way. It’s the kind of book meant to be enjoyed slowly, savoring each word as you embark on a journey to comfort and peace. These bedtime stories for adults also come with whimsical illustrations, recipes, and meditation techniques you can adopt into your daily routines if you so desire!

Because these bedtime stories for adults exceed all expectations and genuinely improve their reader’s life, we believe this book has the best bedtime stories for adults.

Funny Bedtime Stories

Bedtime Stories for Adults 2
This Adam Mansbach is guaranteed to draw smiles and laughs, no matter how tough your day is.

When it comes to funny bedtime stories, Adam’s “Go the F**k to Sleep” is an all-time favorite. Laughter is known to decrease stress hormones, relax your muscles, and even allow your body to produce more melatonin!

Melatonin, by the way, is the hormone that the brain releases at sleep onset. It helps us relax, feel sleepy, and improve our sleep quality. Research has proven that short-wave blue light from screens interferes with its production, so it makes sense that this book is preferred by those who use their phones and tablets at night.

The book itself is full of funny bedtime stories. Its verses capture the struggle behind convincing your child that it’s time to sleep, but it also opens a conversation about parenting and its absurdity. It’s profane, affectionate, brutally honest, and absolutely hilarious, all at the same time. The New York Times, Washington Post, and Reader’s Digest all consider it one of the funniest books of all time!

Because it’s guaranteed to make you forget your woes and send you to bed with a huge smile on your face, it’s fair to say that the book has the best funny bedtime stories out there.

Book Bedtime Stories for Adults: The Little Prince

Bedtime Stories for Adults 8
Hit the sack and keeps things in perspective with this heartwarming classic!

The Little Prince is a timeless classic that lets us reflect on what’s truly important in life. Book bedtime stories for adults such as the Little Prince are an overwhelmingly positive alternative to staying late at night browsing our phones. They boost your cognitive functions and effectively expand your worldview, making you wiser every day.

Using our tablets and phones while going to bed exposes us to an unwarranted information bombardment that often leaves us in a hyperactive state of mind. Going through social media right before going to sleep can also leave you in a bad mood after confronting other “users” on different platforms. These experiences can negatively affect our day and night cycle, especially since angry emotions tend to linger more at night than during the day.

Even if late-night browsing is not a problem, reading the Little Prince on your bed can be a stopping point that eases your brain into that necessary rest period. If you have active reading habits, the story reveals the importance of looking beneath the surface to find the real truth and meaning in all things in life.

On the other hand, if you’re looking for a pleasant and interesting story that gives you a break from recurring anxieties that often develop into nightmares, the Little Prince is perfect for you. This simple but allegorical classic is known for its calming effect and wide range of interpretations and life-changing messages. You can keep coming back to it without the need for introspection or philosophical contemplation, just for relaxation’s sake.

Funny Bedtime Stories for Adults

Bedtime Stories for Adults 3
This Hank Mancini classic is packed with hilarious short stories.

Hank Mancini’s Memoir of a Nerd is a collection of brief and hilarious anecdotes that will have you in stitches! It’s the perfect book for anyone that enjoys a light read and a dose of humor to end the day.

Hank’s funny bedtime stories for adults take us back to the ’50s where he spent many of his formative years as a missionary in Japan. His never-ending antics and comical misadventures took him to Vegas and all that Sin City offers.

His unique storytelling skills allow you to break away from your stressful life and fully immerse yourself in his hilarious, often absurd life story. Hank has a way of making you laugh while offering perspective and tremendous wisdom in even the most casual date or prank stories, making it a must-have for anyone that values humor and the absurd.

Because Memoir of a Nerd is guaranteed to end your days with a smile on your face, we rate it one of our favorite funny bedtime stories for adults for this year.

Soothing Bedtime Stories for Stressed Out Adults: Kew Gardens

Bedtime Stories for Adults 6
Kew Gardens is a soothing read that clears your mind and lets you doze off ahead of a busy day.

Virginia Woolf gifts us with a profoundly moving perspective on the cycle of life through her hypnotic Kew Gardens short stories. This fantastic British writer and feminist role model take us on a journey through London’s Royal Botanic Gardens, submerging us into each character’s thoughts as they contemplate the garden’s beautiful plant life and balanced ecosystem. As their insights and experiences are known to us, we inadvertently join them in gaining some perspective and insight into what our life’s experiences could and should be.

Even though Kew Gardens is an early 20th-century literary masterpiece, it’s a book full of gently and slowly narrated stories perfect for drifting off into the night. Woolf’s ability to smoothly engage us in her narrative makes the Kew Gardens a wonderful book bedtime stories for adults that wish to leave their concerns and uncertainties behind.

Bedtime Stories for Stressed Out Adults

Bedtime Stories for Adults 10
This fantastic mix of classic stories, childhood tales, and poetry will ease you into a deep, recuperative sleep.

Bedtime Stories for Stressed Out Adults has something for everyone. You can find Oscar Wilde classics, Katherine Mansfield short stories and poems, and cheerful tales that will mend your tired soul right before bedtime.

Reading broadens your mind, takes you to new worlds, and introduces you to new people and perspectives. You often find yourself in the protagonists’ shoes and forget your woes and problems just as you begin to yawn and doze off into a calm, recuperative sleep. Bedtime Stories for Stressed out Adults is precisely the kind of book that stimulates your brain just enough to stay interested while naturally easing you into a restful state.

Because it offers a wide variety of reading material specifically targeted to lower your stress levels just as you hit the sack, we believe that this book offers the best bedtime stories for stressed out adults.


Reading is proven to have positive long-term effects on your cognition and creativity. It’s a more neurologically complicated process than speaking or processing images (essentially, what we do when we scroll through our Instagram feeds). The best bedtime stories for adults keep your brain sharp, mind calm, and body relaxed.

The best bedtime stories for adults not only open your mind to an endless number of worlds and fictional characters, but they also slowly relax your body and mind into falling asleep. They’re an incredible resource for people with irregular sleeping schedules and anyone who deals with anxiety and overall stress when they hit the sack. When it comes to sleep hygiene, they’re only second to the best memory foam mattress on the market.

With just six minutes of reading, your mind is guaranteed to notice these life-changing benefits. However, you’re welcome to extend your bedtime reading sessions for as long as your body and mind need to ease themselves into a restful sleep.

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