Bernhardt Furniture: Quality, Style, & Sophistication

Bernhardt Furniture has earned the reputation of being one of the best furniture brands on the market. The timeless, sophisticated, and even contemporary designs found among the pages of the Bernhardt catalog makes that reputation no surprise
The Camino Vellages Addelle collection showcases Bernhard's cadance with modern luxurious design

Bernhardt is regarded by many as one of the most elegant furniture brands that are still reasonably affordable. Their furniture exudes sophistication and modernized finishes, all embodied within sleek modernized neutral tones and elegant upholstery. Their online furniture store catalog is large, constantly adding inspired designs keeping pace with emerging and timeless home fashion trends.

Luxury Furniture for Modern Tastes

Bernhardt Furniture offers a wide-ranging catalog that spans a selection of timeless design styles with accents of modern, French Countryside, and contemporary. Their styles are largely characterized by light natural wood finishes, soft complementing upholstery, and subtle traditional accents.

Bernhardt has something to offer every designer from polished brass accent chairs to traditional dining room collections. They offer bedroom collections, accent pieces, home office furniture, and everything in between. The Bernhardt catalog features mostly traditional and contemporary designs but you’ll find a few more modern designs among its many pages. Below are some standout Bernhardt designs.

Santa Monica Collection

santa barbara bedroom colleciton queen sodafine
The Santa Monica Collection by Bernhardt features a beautifully tufted bed design accentuated by an upholstered stool and elegant chic nightstand.

The Santa Monica Bedroom Collection by Bernhardt showcases an elegant imagining of transitional style with subtle traditional elements. The tufted headboard captures the attention almost immediately and the square, shaped feet on the footboard remind one of a more traditional inspiration. The soft natural tones of this collection, paired with the soft subtle upholsteries, work well in softly lit rooms with natural lighting and cozy intentions.

Decorage Dining Collection

bernhardt decorage dining collection sodafine
The Decorage collection showcases a contemporary design with rich finishes suited for a modern Metropolitan motif

The Decorage Dining Collection by Bernhardt features side chairs with impossibly elegant arms, a dining table with a subtle marble stoicism, and display cabinets that would make even the dullest of rooms flash with sensation. This collection characterizes the true attention to detail one can expect from the Bernhardt brand.

The London Leather Sofa

london tufted sofa by bernhardt sodafine
The London 88″ leather sofa by Bernhardt features a rolled-arm design, luxurious leather, and an eye-catching tufted design.

The London 88″ Leather Sofa by Bernhardt is Exhibit A for the attention to detail, inspired design, and hand-crafted quality synonymous with this company. This sofa brings a sense of magnanimity to any space such that one almost feels compelled to pay homage upon entering the same room. No conversation around Bernhardt would be complete without mention of their custom upholstered lines. This design speaks volumes to the quality one can expect from this corner of the Bernhardt catalog.

Company History

Bernhardt is a family-owned furniture brand that got started in the 19th century—meaning they are operating in their third century of business currently! Throughout this time, they have seen trends in design come and go, and are well aware of those that are more than mere fanfare.

As with many great furniture companies in the modern industry, Bernhardt can trace its roots back to North Carolina, where they currently operate more than 10 manufacturing facilities and run a 75,000 square foot showroom.

This is a testament not only to Bernhardt’s success as a high-quality furniture manufacturer but also to their avid awareness of how important it is to support the local economy and business.  In a time when many furniture manufacturers have completely outsourced their manufacturing—Bernhardt remains true to its roots.


Bernhardt is among the few luxury furniture brands on the market that have stood the test of time. Its rich company history, marked by its continued role as a trendsetter, mark this brand high atop most designer’s favorite brands’ lists. Bernhardt furniture does not come cheap but the timeless styles and hand-crafted quality can be expected to last a lifetime. Bernhardt also stands out among comparable brands in that they are also one of the highest quality sofa companies on the market as well. Truly—a company to take note of.

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