Bassett Furniture: American Made Quality & Innovation

Looking for timeless designs and lifelong quality? The Bassett Furniture company has been around for more than 100 years and has mastered the art of both!
Bassett Furniture Living Room Collection
This living room collection by Bassett showcases the hand-crafted designs that have earned this brand their stellar reputation.

Bassett furniture has been in operation for more than 100 years, operates 50 company-owned retail stores, and is as dynamic of a furniture brand as you’ll find. Their vast selection of styles and price ranges help meet the needs of any professional home designer or personal redecorating checklist.

Bassett Furniture is among the few top online furniture stores that offer direct-to-consumer sales—meaning you can buy their products directly from their website without going through any middle man! Bassett affords a keen eye on developing market trends and has been proving themselves for the last 100+ years to be an efficient trendsetter and design spotter.

Market Leader & Trendsetter

Bassett Furniture is positioned as one of the leading manufacturers, and most respected, in the industry today. Its sheer size and many years of experience have afforded them a powerful eye for design trends, and the ability to develop furniture that will remain relevant for many years. Sharp colors and shapes are found on their accent pieces while powerful neutral tones and richly textured upholstery can be seen on their sofas and chairs.

Bassett understands that when you shop for furniture it isn’t like shopping for a car—the furniture you buy affects your entire home and has the potential to brighten—or dampen—your daily moods. Bassett furniture has many entire collections of furniture that work together to form a harmonious presence of utmost style and functionality that can afford a single room style, or be matched across an entire residence.

Domestic Responsibility

In addition to their amazing catalog of stylish and affordable upholstery and case goods, Bassett also offers some tremendously unique products such as the Cross Buck Live Edge cocktail table from their Bench Made lineup.

Bassett is a firm believer in responsible and domestic manufacturing, and while they source materials from all over the globe—their products are manufactured and finished entirely in the United States.

Their products are leading examples for designers across the world, and their success as not only a brand but as a thought-leader in the furniture industry has helped them earn a place among the best furniture brands around, and also one of the best sofa and couch brands.

A Material Obsession

Bassett has forged some truly powerful partnerships in their time in the industry, pairing them not only with powerhouse brands like HGTV—but also to unique manufacturing processes like their solid woods Bench Made lineup.

Bassett’s Bench Made furniture is manufactured in their Virginia facilities and utilizes the harmonious beauty found in Nature to exude style from within. This approach is characterized by natural edging, and ‘live’ edges on slab-cut furniture tops. There has been a great revival in appreciation for natural and reclaimed furniture within the past several years.

Timeless Artisinal Design

Many designers associate this trend with (or maybe because of) Restoration Hardware’s meteoric rise to stardom within the design world. Restoration Hardware makes use of artisan crafting techniques and limited finish runs based on the availability of reclaimed woods. Bassett has clearly paid close attention to this growing demand by consumers, and their Bench Made branch offers a tremendous lineup.

Bassett Furniture is also one of the most highly customizable brands in the world—meaning that nearly every piece in their catalog can be tailored to your preference.

Custom Design Services

Their stores are often integrated with Bassett Design Centers, which are studio-type locations where you can swap materials, change design specs, and customize their furniture in nearly any way imaginable. They have partnered with HGTV to offer Design Studios that offer design assistance for interior decorators, or anyone that wants to have their furniture tailor-made to fit uniquely in their home.

The resulting effect of these tremendous services offered by Bassett is that for very little extra, you can find furniture that has been designed by one of the sharpest group of designers in the industry—and also is one-of-a-kind.  Bassett’s commitment to customization and unique materials has helped them maintain a position at the leading edge of the furniture industry both in terms of quality of design and quantity of sales.

Where to Buy Bassett

Bassett Furniture is available for purchase directly through the Bassett website, and there you can even find deals on clearance items that are up to 70% off! If you are looking to purchase locally from a furniture dealer, you can visit their store locator page to find the closest Bassett store near you. Bassett Furniture is also found in many non-Bassett-owned stores, and those locations should appear on their locator page as well.

Bassett Mirror

Bassett also has a spin-off accents company named Basset-Mirror which—you guessed it—features accent pieces that are heavily laden in mirrored panels and accessories. Bassett Mirror products can be found for purchase online through such retailers as Wayfair, and can even be found on Amazon as well.

Bassett Mirror offers furniture, mirrors, accent table lamps, and many other niche-home decor items. These products are all made with the same oversight afforded to Bassett Furniture, and can be found for a steal online! Another noteworthy lineup of Bassett-related products is the Bassett Baby Collection, which can be found on Wayfair as well.


Bassett Furniture is a long-held family brand of high-quality furniture. Its catalog features a showcase of timeless designs intended to sustain style and function for a lifetime. This furniture doesn’t come cheap but the value is given far outweighs the benefits of saving a little cash in the immediate term only to have to replace cheap furniture down the road. Simply put; Bassett Furniture defines the type of quality that most other brands mimic.

William Hardy
New Hampshire native, works as a furniture designer by trade but has a strong interest in style, luxury, and modern architecture. William has been an avid home fashion writer for nearly a decade and continues to enjoy sharing emerging trends, exciting product releases, and inspiring designs with his readers around the world.