Arhaus Furniture: Unmatched Luxe and Convenience

Arhaus Furniture has one goal: to help your living spaces reach their full aesthetic potential. Check out some of their best-selling pieces for this year!
Arhaus Furniture

Arhaus Furniture specializes in high-end furniture collections. Their catalog projects luxury, power, and a taste for the finer things in life.

Their product line features classical, modern, and contemporary pieces that elevate living spaces to aesthetic nirvana. Arhaus offers everything from delicately upholstered furniture for your indoors to stunning outdoor collections. Each collection promises to turn your living room or backyard into a carefully conceptualized masterpiece worthy of a magazine cover.

Designers, Artisans, and Top Manufacturing at Your Service

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Arhaus Furniture works with countless artisans within and outside the U.S to meet the most demanding quality standards for furniture and home accessories collections.

Their classic, contemporary, and modern furnishings let their clients explore new ways to glam up their home and work environments. Arhaus even offers their team’s expert counsel and guidance to help you navigate this process from start to finish. Their team’s dedication, expertise, and utmost respect for your project are what guarantee you’ll create the dream home you deserve.

Without further ado, here are some of our favorite pieces!

Arhaus Furniture Living Room Collection

Arhaus Furniture 2

The Arhaus furniture living room collection is nothing short of fantastic. Their vast selection of contemporary, modern, and classical pieces each offer something unique and elegant to your living spaces. Their sofa, chair, ottoman, and coffee table sections are neatly organized and feature high-end pieces that come together to create stunning ensembles worthy of a royal.

A piece that caught our attention was the Coburn Six Piece Pit Sectional, as it’s the perfect living room centerpiece for families to enjoy movies, series, and on-demand events during the weekend.

This high-quality sectional is crafted from solid hardwood and later adapted into a no-sag support system to improve stability. The piece comes with dense foam and sterilized feather filling that, together with its stratus grey cushion ensemble, offers unmatched comfort at all times.

Arhaus Furniture 3

You can also reorganize the U-shaped Coburn lounge to match almost any living room setup as each of its sections are super easy to move. The Coburn’s modular design lets you quickly adapt your living room area to accommodate guests during parties, instantly maximizing space usage and comfort.

Arhaus Furniture Patio Collection

Arhaus Furniture 4

For most, having a nice backyard comes down to keeping the lawn well-trimmed, avoiding clutter, and keeping the area generally clean. Add a luxury container pool and a hot tub spa, and you got yourself an amazing outdoor space.

However, applying some interior design principles to your backyard can turn your outdoor area into a dream backyard. A memorable space that serves as a personal oasis to break away from stress and tiring work dynamics.

The Arhaus outlet and their talented design team know exactly how to do this. Their gorgeous outdoor furniture collections feature sturdy, weather-resistant pieces that will add luxe and convenience to your Sunday get-togethers with those closest to you. Their team of experts is also a mere email or phone call away from helping you turn your furniture ensemble into a strategically conceptualized space that offers comfort and splendor.

Swings, tables, hammocks, lounge chairs, fire pits, and even outdoor rugs make up just a few of their furniture options for getting the most out of your patio area. The Malang Sofa and Natural Gas Fire Pit offer a powerful combination for anyone that wishes to enjoy a chilly night next to their easy-to-light outdoor fireplace.

Arhaus Furniture 5

Combining the Malang Outdoor Sofa, a gorgeous modern lounge, with the equally modern but rugged design of the Arhaus Rectangular Fire Pit, adds superior comfort, convenience, and an upgraded look to your patio’s open space.

Arhaus Furniture 6

This stunning Arhaus outdoor furniture set allows you and your partner to snuggle and stay cozy as you observe the stars. The dense foam padding and lofty zippered cushions softly ease your bodies into deep relaxation as you adjust the natural gas fire pit temperature. Only one thought comes to mind: life is good!

Arhaus Furniture Outdoor Lounge Collection

Arhaus Furniture 7

If you’re in the foodservice industry, you know how important it is to offer your clients the perfect environment to relax, have some fun and enjoy a bite or two in good company. Just like the inside of an establishment, furnishings can play a vital role in creating a comfortable and appealing ambiance that turns a new customer into a long-term client.

Arhaus Furniture 8

After taking a look at Arhaus’Arhaus’ Outdoor Furniture, we couldn’t resist picturing ourselves sitting down in one of their Bal Harbour L-shaped sectionals as we order a nice bottle of wine (and some appetizers to go with it) at the sound of some jazzy background music.

The Bal Harbour isn’t just comfy and weather resistant. Thanks to a stunning handcrafted teak structure and its dark grey, dense foam padding seats, it also adds elegance to any service area. Only a handful of pieces such as the Bal convey that friendly and pleasant atmosphere always sought by double dates looking to celebrate a special night out full of fun and romance.


Arhaus furniture offers some of the best high-end furniture collections out there, making them one of the best furniture brands for this year. Their team’s dedicated guidance through each project is noteworthy, but it’s their Green Initiative that truly makes us admire them.

With the help of local artisans, they’ve managed to create thousands of jobs that cover almost all of their furniture production phases. Harvesting wood from trees that no longer produce fruits and even repurposing metals such as copper, zinc alloys, and even brass aluminum allowed Arhaus to launch a line of recycled metal furniture.

So, feel free to check their special eco-friendly collection! You’ll be surprised by the level of craftsmanship and the artistic nature of these furnishings and how they can elevate both living and work environments in an instant.

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