Host Awesome Retro Gaming Nights With These Arcade Coffee Tables

Wish to relive the joys of the past? Check out these stylish arcade coffee tables from top manufacturers!
arcade coffee tables

When it comes to retro entertainment and style, few pieces measure up to arcade coffee tables. Equal parts fun and nostalgic, these pieces allow you to relive the joy of the past in a unique way.

Arcade coffee tables are perfect for spending quality time with family and friends since they turn your living room’s centerpiece into a fully interactive activity hub. They’re perfect for retro gaming nights and add a unique spin to your living room that will consistently impress your guests.

The Best Arcade Coffee Tables

The best arcade coffee tables are vastly superior to mini arcade machines. Mini arcade machines, unfortunately, offer only a couple of games at best and take up considerable space.

On the other hand, a table top arcade comes with thousands of games featured across numerous consoles and specialized controllers that offer the authentic gaming experience we all crave.

The arcade cocktail table models we’ve featured also offer excellent warranty coverage straight from the manufacturer. Some warranties are more thorough than others, but all of these top furniture brands respect and safeguard the video game cocktail table long after its delivered to your doorstep.

Arcade coffee tables come with powerful processing components and cooling systems that keep your table top arcade working at top conditions at all times. But these video game tables also come with reasonable price tags that all retro game lovers deserve.

Our round-up covers the best coffee tables in terms of convenience and bang for your buck!

The Galaxy Ultimate Arcade Coffee Table

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This beautifully made arcade coffee table takes you on a journey through the golden ages of video gaming.

The Galaxy Ultimate is one of the best arcade coffee tables you can find in the market. This stylish tabletop arcade also functions as an arcade cocktail table with a large videogame screen embedded in toughened glass top.

This arcade coffee table is perfect for home environments as it allows players sitting on sofas and organic bean bags to reach its intuitive joysticks & backlit fire buttons comfortably. Not to mention, its opaque black finish makes it a beautiful living room addition for modern and contemporary living rooms alike.

Size: 10’’ H x 6’’ D x 7’’ W

The Lux Arcade Coffee Table

arcade coffee tables 3
This Electro Arcade furnishing is the perfect arcade coffee table for your home or office.

The Lux centerpiece is a carefully handcrafted arcade coffee table that suits modern living rooms with its dark glass top and powerful gaming system. A 28″ HD screen, a powerful audio system, and a couple of Sanwa arcade controllers bring you the same experience that thousands of players cherished during their childhood.

This table top arcade cocktail table also serves as a convenient platform to rest soft drinks, beers, and snack bowls. Its carefully planned structure makes it the perfect complement for any home entertainment system, storing your living room essentials within its motorized drawer. Furthermore, the Lux is fully assembled before shipping, and it’s ready from the get-go for a fun gaming session!

Size: 39’’ W x 23’’ L x 17.3’’ H

The Suncoast Table Top Arcade Furnishing

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This two-player sit-down arcade table is perfect for Saturday retro gaming tournaments with your friends.

The Suncoast table is the perfect mancave furnishing that takes you back to the arcade scene of the 80s.

The Suncoast table top arcade takes you back to the 80s high-octane arcade scene in the comfort of your man cave. This video game cocktail table comes with 60 timeless arcade games, a pair of cherry ball joysticks, and button sets for two players to duke it out on its 19″ LCD screen.

If you’re searching for a cocktail table arcade games for sale that brings hours of fun to your entertainment room, look no further than this beauty. This handmade furniture piece also features a framed glass surface that doubles as your typical arcade cocktail table. Combined with a fully-stocked minibar, this furniture can turn any regular man cave into something truly special.

The Suncoast adapts to garages, attics, and refitted home entertainment areas where kids and grownups can enjoy casual game nights and exciting sports events. This super cool game room coffee table comes in 7 color options and even multiple trim molding color options to perfectly match your room’s interior design theme. Bold gamers can even customize this sturdy arcade cocktail table’s color scheme to resemble old-school arcade machines’ aesthetics.

Size: 27.5” H x 22” W x 34.5” D

The Atomic Game Arcade Coffee Table

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The Atomic coffee table brings all the fun that air-powered hockey and table tennis matches have to offer!

The Hampton convertible table is an exciting furnishing that serves as the perfect game room coffee table for modern living rooms. This Atomic Game table centerpiece allows you to host air-powered hockey matches and table tennis games among friends, or it can be set as a compact dining table thanks to its two upholstered benches.

The Atomic arcade coffee table is also an extremely versatile piece that adapts to your lifestyle needs in a jiff. You can place multiple controllers, snack bowls, and drinks on the ample tabletop and use its retractable benches to turn the arcade coffee table into a dining room. These convenient benches also function as storage trunks for gaming accessories and living room essentials, allowing you to keep clutter to a minimum.

Last but not least, the Hampton can also be used as an arcade cocktail table in front of your living room sectional. Sit back, enjoy some takeout with your buddies, and bet who foots the bill over a game of air hockey!

Size: 84” L x 47.25” W x 31.5” H

The Hanover Arcade Coffee Table

arcade coffee tables 5
The Hanover coffee table allows you to play quick foosball games with your friends and relatives.

The Hanover centerpiece is the ideal arcade coffee table for living rooms transitioning from contemporary decorations into an updated, spunky entertainment room atmosphere. This fun arcade coffee table has the perfect height for sofas and lazy boys, allowing you to pick up your drinks and snacks with ease.

The feature that turns this unique coffee table into an arcade coffee table is the foosball setup embedded below its glass tabletop. Six-player rods with ergonomic grips let you simultaneously take command of 18 players for quick foosball games with your friends during halftime.

This Hanover store exclusive is available in cobalt blue, polished white, and opaque grey to perfectly complement your living room’s carpet and sofa finish. All-in-all, it’s the perfect arcade coffee table to provide casual entertainment for family and friends while the game gets underway!

Size: 45” L x 28” W x 20” H


Arcade coffee tables are some of the most sought-after furniture pieces by gamers out there. They turn any bland living room into an authentic activity hub that lets you dive into the golden era of gaming and entertainment in an instant. Thankfully, the best online furniture stores offer specialized models that guarantee you’ll get that incredible retro gaming experience you deserve for years to come!

Coffee tables are currently going through a tech-renaissance of sorts, and many exceed the tech and processing power that arcade coffee tables possess. We highly recommend you check out the cooler coffee tables and high-tech coffee tables we’ve reviewed in the past if you’re looking for something a bit more contemporary!

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