All the Finer Things in Life

Celebrating the Luxuries Life Has to Offer

lexigonton laurel canyon sofa

A Life of Luxury

At Sodafine, we celebrate the things in life that have been given a higher level of attention and care than most. These include designer items such as expensive jewelry, luxury furniture, and expensive homes—common luxury goods. We feel that living a refined life is a portrait of higher existence and that all should have the opportunity for such experience.

lexigonton laurel canyon sofa

Sustenance of Style

We do not believe that that luxury can be defined by price tags, however. We endeavor to curate collections of products, destinations, designers, and inspiring arts that are not just priced as luxury items but offer the inspiration and comfort to one's life that truly characterize luxury. Our mission is to help share this sustenance of style with all of our readers

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Celebrating Luxurious Lifestyle

Without luxury, our lives are as they were given — without our intention and desires to inspire. Shaping our surroundings and experiences to reflect our understanding of what separates average from exquisite is the pursuit of higher-order. Our journey is one of discovery, inspiration, and celebration. We hope to have you accompany us as we continue to seek to shape the lives of our readers by uncovering the aspects of our shared world that reflect this understanding and desire to live more intently and with greater demand of possibility.

Meet the Team

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Rosana joined our team in late 2016 and has brought with her a passion for discovering the most inspiring trends in fashion, home, and style. 

She has worked as an interior designer, fashion designer, and travel consultant professionally and continues to be a valued voice in the marketplace through her contribution to blogs and industry websites.

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William joined our team in early 2019 and has brought a resounding knowledge of furniture, architecture, and automotive knowledge. His insights into the luxurious are endless and his passion for discovering emerging styles is inspiring.

He has worked as a furniture designer, engineer, and competes in car shows in an amateur capacity whenever possible. He lends his voice to the discussion of all things luxury and style through his blogging and contribution to several major industry websites.

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